Thursday, June 10, 2010

Family Stroke Day

Jasey, Maggie and I went to the Family Stroke Day hosted by Sick Kids Hospital last Saturday. It was at the Science Centre in Toronto. With the exception of Jason, all the kids were mildy affected - he was the only one in a wheel chair. It was depressing to say the least (not saying that I want other kids in a wheel chair obviously). As the speakers presented I was reminded that Jason's initial stroke was missed, which led to his massive bleed which was a catastrophic event that led to his current condition. There was an 8 month old at my table who had a similar start but the stroke was diagnosed and treated and this kid looked perfect in my eyes - she was trying to walk, could see, doesn't have sz. I just about lost it. Why I subject myself to this kind of stuff I don't know - can't go back, can't change the past, the horse has left the barn. I did stand up and ask a question - do you guys do everything you can to make sure that outlying hospitals know WTF to do, who to call when they don't know what is going on so more kids don't end up like Jason. I think about these kids, seeing them running around and playing - yes, some have AFO's, some have behavour issues, some have learning problems but man, I want to know the Jason that could have been, even with the stroke.

That being said, my little man is the love of my life - don't get me wrong - I am in a good place with how he is - he is happy, funny, healthy and he has no clue whatsoever that anything is amiss - he just loves life.

Note to self - do not attend any more of these!!


  1. Yes, note to self, don't go to anymore of those meetings!

  2. Sharon, I really hear your love for Jason, your acceptance of where he is, and your fury that it might have been different. It's a weird thing about parenting that you can hold all of these in your heart at the same time. I see your love for him, I admire your acceptance of where he is, and I share your fury that it might have been different. And I also admire your mission to ensure it *is* different for other children.